news: EGG+FROG 2.0

EGG+FROG 2.0 Reading time: about 2.0 minutes We heard you all out there. We heard you all having fun in the rain, downing your cocktails and ruffling the pages of a paperback under a parasol. We heard you from the basement. Yes, we of little brain have been spending our summer tinkering with a website […]

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Poetry. Barcelona, by Thomas Dedola. Image: the silhouette of a sleeping man in the foreground. In the background, a light silhouette of the skyline of Barcelona.

poetry: Barcelona

Barcelona During the night I play dead for 6 hours or so, my last rites sung out by drunken voices on the Rambla. There is a wine spot in my dreams,  which always seem to take place at  the end of my second cousin’s quinceañera.     You’re always there – of course you are –   your

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April 2024. Image: a frog in a blue jacket sits at a breakfast table holding an egg and a spoon. On the table is a takeaway cup of coffee, an open book and a bowl with a fried egg in it.

April 2024 Newsletter

Sign up for next month’s newsletter content updates, artworks, competition news (and frogs) – direct to your inbox April 2024 Newsletter Reading time: about 5 minutes Someone once said, ‘April is the coolest month.’ At least, we think that’s how it goes. Anyway – we couldn’t agree more! We can finally bid good riddance to

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Flash fiction. Surface, by Rebecca Klassen. Image: silhouette of a children's ball pit. On the left of the image, a pair of legs are sticking out of the balls. On the right, a tentacle.

flash: Surface

Surface Reading time: about 3 minutes   1. The Blue-ringed Octopus lives in colourful coral reefs. It relies on the rocks and crevices in its environment for refuge.   A customer wants to speak to the manager, but I’m trying to write my essay on cephalopods and their dedication to procreation behind the counter. A

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