privacy policy

Here’s everything you need to know about the data we collect when you engage with EGG+FROG. All the information we collect we truly believe that we need to run a decent, honest and fruitful website. We don’t sell data on. We’re not interested in spying on anyone. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered below, you can contact us here, and we’ll try our best to answer as quickly as we can.

What information do you have?

This depends if you’re a writer who has submitted to us, or are just visiting the website.


If you’re just visiting, we use cookies which provide us with a report of the number of visitors, how long they stay on the site, their countries of origin, and the name of the website they visited us from (if they followed a link). None of this information identifies individuals; it’s completely anonymous – it’s just numbers.


If you submit work to us, we keep a copy of the work until we’ve assessed if we would like to pursue publication or not. If the submission is not successful, we delete the file (and let the writer know). If we want to take the work further, we keep copies of drafts and the final text for our archives. 

why do you need my information?

We want EGG+FROG to be a success, and as a digital journal, information about how people reach and use the website helps us do more of what is working and less of what isn’t. Sometimes people tell us what they like – and that’s great. But numbers give us a larger measure of reality, which is completely invaluable for making decisions about how to improve the journal.


As for the work we keep for our archives: we keep this to guard against the worst case scenario. Should something happen to the site, we’d be able to reupload the work. 

do you share my information with anyone?

No. There may be some ways in which the software we use (MonsterInsights and Google Analytics) make use of the data, but we don’t sell data or directly pass any of it on to anyone. You can find out how they might use the information here.


Writers who submit keep the copyright of their work. So, outside of what we agree with them – allowing us to host their work in perpetuity and using extracts to show it off on social media – it remains entirely their property.

Where is my information kept?

We use Hostinger to host our website online and WordPress to produce it. They host backups of the site. We also keep a backup in physical form and using a private cloud service. All of these are protected as you’d expect.

how long will you keep my information?

As we said above, if we receive work that we choose not to publish, we delete the files immediately. For work we publish, we’ll keep a backup stored only as long as the writer allows us to host it at EGG+FROG.


Data from cookies – kept by Google Analytics – is kept for 2 months. You can find out all about that here.

Who can I ask to delete my information?

If you want your work removed from the site (and therefore from our backups), contact us.


If you wanted us to remove any other digital information, also get in touch. We’ll try our best, but this is not our area of expertise so it may take some time to work out how/if it can be done.