(Unless you want to try your luck…)

  • flash: up to 1000 words
  • shorts: up to 7500 words
  • any subject, theme or style
  • 2-5 poems
  • no line limit
  • any subject, theme or style
  • scenes, monologues & one-acts 
  • any subject, theme or style
  • up to 10’000 words, prose
  • any subject
  • no listicles or news pieces

In all cases, we are interested in bold, imaginative language, and we favour work that is original, challenging and mind-expanding: surprise and delight. 


Take a look at the diversity and quality of work we have published already to see what we have in mind.

Why submit?

EGG+FROG exists to showcase excellence in modern British writing. We are new but we are serious: we are going to curate a library of top quality, modern fiction, poetry, drama and essays – and celebrate their writers. New works are featured weekly.

Our writers include published authors, academics, and future lights. All of their work is collected on the website, and we have plans to highlight their incredible talent across many platforms.

Follow us on instagram to see the ways we’re championing our writers and their work. Social media is just the start.

We can’t guarantee dissertations and declamations of love, but we’re honest. If you’re not successful, we’ll tell you why; if we’d like to publish your work, we’ll work with you to make it the best it can be before we publish.

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For prose and drama, please use at least 1.5 line spacing. Standard fonts are suggested – though please bear in mind that work is published in Nixie One (the same typeface used here), with Bungee for titles and headings. If your work is experimental with font – for instance, using bolditalic, etc outside of their typical usages; or using different fonts for different dialogue (think Death in Discworld) – let us know.


For poetry, you may use line spacing as necessary. Experimental poetry – i.e. non-standard presentations of text – is of course acceptable, but please export as pdfs/jpgs. Please remember, poetry submissions should consist of 2-5 poems in a single document.


Files should be .doc or .docx (unless stated above). We can’t accept Pages documents.

We publish new British writing. ‘Britishness’ is a porous term, and we are not going to check passports. Generally speaking, a British writer is one who was born in the UK or its overseas territories, and/or lives long-term in the UK, and/or has strong cultural/familial links to the UK. Please outline eligibility in your submissions – this saves time and hurt feelings.


New writers with zero publication experience need not worry. You are as welcome to submit as writers with decades craning over their pens. We ask for bio information with submissions, but this has only a slight influence on how we read your work.


Submitting writers must be 16 or older.

Submission is free for consideration for standard publication (i.e. work hosted on the website and in bi-annual journals). We may implement a small reading fee in the future, in order to keep response times to a minimum. If and when this happens, we will make it clear on the website. We will never charge for publication.


Competitions will be held in the future, and will require a paid entry. It will be made clear on the website how this differs from normal publication.

This depends on the volume of submissions. We aim for between 1-4 weeks from receiving your submission.

Yes. Your work remains your property, and you will not need to seek EGG+FROG’s permission to submit, publish or otherwise use your work elsewhere in the future.


However, submitting to EGG+FROG is undertaken on the basis of permitting us to host your work on the website in perpetuity, and to use select extracts for marketing and social media purposes. We believe all of these activities are beneficial for the writer, and we operate on the basis of respect for the art of writing and the work of writers. Your work is safe with us.

Currently, no. EGG+FROG is a labour of love and has required hundreds of hours of work to build, and will require hundreds more to maintain. Our intention is to make this journal self-sustaining through selective, non-obstructive advertising and competition hosting – but we’re not there yet. When it’s possible, we hope to offer payment for all published work.


We understand that writers can’t live off exposure – we get it, really. But what we can offer is the championing of your work and you yourself through our marketing channels. We can offer to host your work in a beautifully-designed space. And, for new writers especially, we can offer publication and, yes, exposure which can help you build your writing career.

For prose and drama, please submit work one at a time. Any individual writer should not submit more than three pieces per quarter.


For poetry, submissions should consist of 2-5 poems in a single document. Please, no more than three documents per quarter.

Yes. Please bear in mind that we publish new (i.e. previously unpublished) British writing. If your work is accepted elsewhere first, let us know.

The £1’000’000 question.


The basics are important: spelling, punctuation, grammar. If a reader can’t trust that these are in order, you won’t be free to explore ambivalence and ambiguity in your writing (particularly if your writing is somewhat experimental); your message will feel less credible if you’re writing to persuade or inform; at the bottom of it, the reader will simply enjoy your work less. Writing is a craft as much as an art: keep your tools sharp and well-oiled – and use them with precision.


In terms of subject matter, there is no topic, point of view, or ideology which will make you more or less likely to be accepted for publication. Acceptance for publication is based on the perceived quality of the writing. We want good writing, to be simple about it. For us, this means a discerning and sensitive admixture of literary and artistic devices: euphony, rhythm, voice, character, originality, structure, image, story, insight, pace, space, humour, terror, texture, tension, grace, catharsis…

We’ll try to give you feedback as soon as we can. If you think we might have missed your submission, forgotten you, or you have amendments to make, you can find everything you need on our contacts page.

ready to submit?

Make sure you’ve checked the FAQ for formatting guidance and terms of submissions.


All set? Send your work and bio to: 

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