Poetry. I thought of you, by Charity Reed. Image: silhouette of a woman looks up at a tree, flock of birds and clouds that, together, form a man's face.

I thought of you

I thought of you as gentle sun 

     light dancing in my hair, 

and as the dandelion seeds 

     that float on hazy air 

I thought of you as springtime rain

     that falls and runs away,

and as the sweet pink honey

     in the clover, in the hay

I thought of water running clear

     from mountain down to sea,

and that was you, the river,

     the fish, the birds, the trees

I thought of you as dragon’s breath

     and sleet, and snow, and hail –

blowing, howling, screaming

     through the forest as a gale

Then there you were in heather’s scent,

     in moss and musty peat,

no longer here beside me

     but deep beneath my feet

Charity reed

Charity Reed is a writer from West Scotland.


She is currently studying for a BA in English Language and lives with her partner, three collies and four hens. 

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