Poetry. Prelude by Jennifer Todd. Image: the silhouette of a young boy running.




So here it is.

Sophie never existed.


And yet.

She’s the unfinished vitamins.


She’s potential

caught briefly in a knot of cells.


A handful of heartbeats.

The dates on my calendar


made free.





Buoyant light catches

his larch brown hair

a sapling babbling ideas


His hand slips mine

earthy sweet joy!

my son running free

jennifer todd

Jennifer Todd is a psychologist.


She works as a postdoctoral research fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK) and adjunct research fellow at the Centre for Psychological Medicine at Perdana University (Malaysia), where she researches the body and self perceptions.


Her articles have been published extensively in scientific journals, and she is the author of numerous academic book chapters.

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