Poetry. In That Life by Phoebe Gilmore. Image: the silhouette head of a woman looks out, while behind her a second, lighter shadow looks out.

in that life

I’ll have a dog or a cat and it will be the only thing  


that knows me, my spirit will wear walking boots thrust  


into the woods, my hair will be thick  


and understood, I will eat perfect mouth portions, have a single  


elegant bowl for each occasion, I’ll wear tights  


and strings of beads and let my mum in, I won’t hesitate about a body 


of water, I’ll have strong goat legs and sex  


won’t matter, I’ll be content sitting 


on the floor and not look in the mirror much, people will fall  


into the slipstream of my voice, my hands  


will look like they belong, I’ll enjoy  


eating berries and I won’t think about men  


whilst watching tv, I’ll be a natural 


diver, my face will be apple half and owl-like,  


there will always be something to do and nothing  


to say, my skin will be firm and kind. I’ll keep myself  


looped like a scarf or a rope. 


Phoebe Gilmore

Phoebe Gilmore

Phoebe Gilmore is a South London-based writer from Devon.

She is studying for an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths University, and runs a poetry reading night in the heart of New Cross called Safeword. 


Her other work features in The Shore, GoldDust, and Smiths magazine.

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