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May 2024 Newsletter

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May wol have no slogardie a-night. So true, Geoff, so true. At EGG+FROG, we’ll certainly be banging the keys all hours to bring you another month of literary mania. It is, after all, the month when we’ll be announcing the results of our first writing competition, Britain vs The World: Flash Battle 2024. We’ve read the lot and you wol not want to miss the works in our top spots.


May also comes after April (apparently). Which was a sensational month for us. Here’s what we had to offer:

Last month's masterworks:

In April, we published five works of wonder. We were so pleased with the depth and diversity of what our writers delivered. Rebecca Miles took us on a stroll through grief and friendship. Thomas Dedola reported back from his dreamscape in ‘Barcelona’. Andrew Wickham seriously creeped us out (while wearing pince nez). Elemental images and beautiful rhythm joined together in Charity Reed’s ‘I Thought of You’. And Dylan Federico Pritchard showed that brevity need be no barrier to narrative in his masterful ‘Removal’.

last month's writing ideas:

Ideas to spark your imagination and craft, featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts almost every week. (Click the image to see the full text.)

News, etc.

Inspirations #1

We are delighted to have launched our newest feature: ‘Inspirations’. Taking pride of place in the Word-Hoard, this feature has four of our published writers telling us all about the energy and inspiration behind their creative work. If you love the work of these writers (and of course you do), we think these backstories give new, wonderful colours to a re-read.

Judging is underway

We’ve read the stories you submitted, so we can say (with a wee tear in our eyes) that Britain vs The World: Flash Battle 2024 has been a heart-bursting success. We’re hard at work picking those finalists and delivering feedback to every single one of you legends who joined in. We’ll be updating EGG+FROG in the coming days to create a showcase for our finalists. The results will be published there, on Instagram, Facebook and in a special newsletter from May 13th. Thank you!

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Employees of the month:

April’s most emphatic amphibians

Frog noir

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this guy slays

Indiana frog

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