Image: a frog is sitting in an egg made of pastel-coloured jigsaw pieces. Behind him, the wall is covered in a map of the world. At the top of the image are the words 'March 2024'.

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March on, weary travellers

March 2024 Newsletter

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So we’ve made it to March! It’s the month, Dickens pointed out, when it’s summer in the light and winter in the shade. It’s the time when annual resolutions start to thrive or die; to-do lists mushroom; and here and there, the first frogs of the year stick out their blunt and beautiful heads.


At EGG+FROG, March 2024 marks the end of our first month: an amazing (and very tiring) February of website visions and revisions which a minute could reverse. We received bags of submissions – laughed and cried and scratched our collective chin at the talents on display – and produced more frog art than was frankly healthy. To all our readers: thank you for all your support!

Last month's masterworks:

February saw us publish ten pieces of brilliant, new British writing. Here were some of our favourites (all the rest can be found nestled like the treasures they are on the homepage).

Our favourite writing prompts:

The best writing prompts featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts last month


A cracking daily puzzle

Today we’re launching our brand new puzzle: The Daily Egg! Love word games like Wordle, Hangman or good old-fashioned cryptic crosswords? You’ll love this. A new puzzle Monday to Friday, posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts – and our homepage – challenges you to guess the word based on challenging clues. With each clue, you get another letter – how quickly can you guess the word? Perfect for a coffee break.

help us keep the dream alive!

We love what we do and we hope you do too. But we can’t do it alone! We want EGG+FROG to be 100% free for everyone. And we don’t want ads. And we don’t want subscriptions, sign-ins, free trials or anything like that. Great writing should be easy to get and beautiful to behold. 


If you can, please consider donating something small to keep our magazine alive and well.

Employees of the month:

February’s most emphatic amphibians

Bureau frog

sartorial excellence

dapper frog

pure class

Gallant frog

health & safety

Coming up at EGG+FROG:

We’ve got loads of plans for March, so come back every day – either on the site or on social media – for more super-sensible, not-at-all-ridiculous literary enjoyment.

Thanks for reading!

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