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I started EGG+FROG because I wanted to celebrate writing. Good writing. Writing that make writers jump out of bed in the middle of the night. Writing that makes readers feel like their world is a little larger. It’s a lot of work – but I think it’s absolutely worth it! (I hope you like what we’ve done with the place so far.)

But keeping a space like this comes with choices. How to present things. How to live by my values. And how to pay for it. It’s difficult to keep these things in balance. The site could go full subscription. I could fill every page with targeted ads and add to all that noise. 

But I want us to be different – more how the internet used to be. I want EGG+FROG to be an odd, joyful corner of cyberspace, sharing stories and ideas and colour and texture with anyone who can find us.

Here’s what I believe:

Why we do this:

Here’s what we believe:

context is everything

Good writing is valuable. It deserves a beautiful space to inhabit, and writers deserve recognition. How and where we engage with literature can change everything. So, we will never, ever put banners, pop-ups, or even little ads on our writers’ works. 

free, forever

Reading can be so much more than entertaining. I believe it’s fundamentally, intrinsically good for you. So, everyone will always be able to access what we have to share – always. No free trials, no sign-up, no paywalls, no subscriptions. Things can be different.

writers need support

All our writers keep the copyright of their work. We won’t, can’t and would never sell it on. But it also means we can’t pay for it. I work with our writers to edit their work, we generate art for it, and we sing its praises everywhere we can – but one day we’d like to pay them, too.

No ads? No subscription?

You can see the problem.

I need your help.

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"EGG+FROG have been invaluable (there are few other words that will do, even for someone who likes words!) in their sensitive input and support in the crafting and editing of my stories. The level of perception in what worked, what needed strengthening, what had to stay, all enabled the words to flourish – for this, I am hugely appreciative."
Author Jill Craig
Jill Craig
Author, 'Journeys' & 'Palermo'
"It's a pleasure to have my work published by EGG+FROG. The website is full of character without sacrificing clarity. Kieran is a really engaged editor, offering insightful feedback on the poems I submitted and helping me to see them with fresh eyes. Good things are being hatched here!"
Dominic Palmer
Poet, 'Accidents'

if you've made it this far...

Whether you’ve decided to donate or not, let me say thanks again for reading. I really mean it when we say every reader, every curious clicker, everybody who comes to EGG+FROG is appreciated. 


I made this place – and we work at it every day – because I believe that words are precious, writers have things to say that matter, and that reading is a good in this world. Also, I like frogs so it was a bit of a win-win. 


Donations are wonderful, but having people here, seeing what we’ve worked so hard to build, even if for a brief moment – that makes it worthwhile. Here’s a poem:

O! English summer

gods in recline, belch-singing

frogs in lemonade

Thank you!

Kieran Cottrell

Founder & Editor

(Frogophile & Egghead)