news: EGG+FROG 2.0

EGG+FROG 2.0 Reading time: about 2.0 minutes We heard you all out there. We heard you all having fun in the rain, downing your cocktails and ruffling the pages of a paperback under a parasol. We heard you from the basement. Yes, we of little brain have been spending our summer tinkering with a website […]

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Inspirations 1. Image: Four writers, clockwise from top-left: David Lambert, Jennifer Todd, Rebecca Miles, Dominic Palmer

feature: Inspirations #1

Inspirations #1 ‘Inspirations’ is our sometime feature where our writers delve into the genesis of their work and/or their creative process.  Follow the links to fall in love with them all over again, or visit our ever-growing Archive to discover new favourites. Contents: 1. david lambert 2. Jennifer Todd 3. Rebecca miles 4. Dominic palmer

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Flash fiction. Reenactment, by Andrew Wickham. Image: silhouettes of four people gathered around an ornate bed in which a woman with tousled hair is lying. On the wall are a framed picture of a man, a cross, and a clock.

flash: Reenactment

Reenactment Reading time: about 7-8 minutes The history books said that it must take place on the twenty-second of January.  Lying in bed, dressed in a plain white gown, head covered by a lace veil decorated with myrtle leaves, Alex Osborne wondered if people would be angry.     At the head of the bed, Malcolm had

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April 2024. Image: a frog in a blue jacket sits at a breakfast table holding an egg and a spoon. On the table is a takeaway cup of coffee, an open book and a bowl with a fried egg in it.

April 2024 Newsletter

Sign up for next month’s newsletter content updates, artworks, competition news (and frogs) – direct to your inbox April 2024 Newsletter Reading time: about 5 minutes Someone once said, ‘April is the coolest month.’ At least, we think that’s how it goes. Anyway – we couldn’t agree more! We can finally bid good riddance to

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Fiction. Palermo, by Jill Craig. Image: the silhouette of a woman looks out sadly over a wrought iron balcony. On the other side of the balcony are a couple with their arms around each other. In the sky is an aeroplane.

fiction: Palermo

Palermo Reading time: about 25 minutes The summer months are coming to an end and the town is emptying. Students go inland to the city; tourists return home; the doors of the many second homes are locked. In the calm harbour, the ferry has docked and buoys pock the surface of the water, bobbing lightly.

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Image: a frog is sitting in an egg made of pastel-coloured jigsaw pieces. Behind him, the wall is covered in a map of the world. At the top of the image are the words 'March 2024'.

March 2024 Newsletter

Sign up for next month’s newsletter content updates, artworks, competition news (and frogs) – direct to your inbox March on, weary travellers March 2024 Newsletter Reading time: about 5 minutes So we’ve made it to March! It’s the month, Dickens pointed out, when it’s summer in the light and winter in the shade. It’s the

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Drama. The Hole Thing by Philip Webb Gregg. Image: a silhouette of an open door through which is a black hole sucking in various objects, including a pair of trousers, a cat, a flock of birds and a kettle. Next to the door, a person sits, looking out.

drama: The Hole Thing

The hole Thing a monologue Reading time: about 5-7 minutes CHARACTER:  The speaker can be any gender, age and ethnicity. Their attitude should be energetic but awkward. Dressed in warm, worn clothes.     SETTING:  In the middle of the stage sits a garden shed. Door. Window. Camping stove in one corner and kitchen just big

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EGG PLUS FROG: new British writing. Image: a frog painted in a cubist style in pastel colours of green, blue, yellow and red holds a book and an egg.

news: It’s alive!

Reading time: about 3 minutes It’s alive! February 1, 2024 Hello! Welcome to EGG+FROG. We are a digital literary magazine dedicated to publishing some of the best new British writing being dreamt up today. After months of work, we’re proud to be able to share our site and some of the stunning work we’ve curated

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