new british writing

Flash fiction. Surface, by Rebecca Klassen. Image: silhouette of a children's ball pit. On the left of the image, a pair of legs are sticking out of the balls. On the right, a tentacle.

flash: Surface

Surface Reading time: about 3 minutes   1. The Blue-ringed Octopus lives in colourful coral reefs. It relies on the rocks and crevices in its environment for refuge.   A customer wants to speak to the manager, but I’m trying to write my essay on cephalopods and their dedication to procreation behind the counter. A […]

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Poetry. Accidents, by Dominic Palmer. Image: the silhouettes of a man and a woman face away from each other. In the middle of the letter 'D' is a knife.

poetry: Accidents

accidents Sunday evening finds us in the kitchen. You’re washing up, I’m rolling flatbreads out with tension like a mortise in my gut.   We’ve heard the news: a relative of yours, a garden afternoon, a sudden slip, and somehow, that was it. My hands still grip   the rolling pin, yours soak in a

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Poetry. Hole by Nancy Iannucci. Image: the word 'hole' with the letter 'o' entirely blacked out.

poetry: Hole

Hole What would Emily say if she could see the movie adaptations of Wuthering Heights? Would she think Hardy was the proper Heathcliff, more so than Fiennes or Dalton? Would she accept Emma Mackey’s portrayal of her in Emily? I wonder what she would think of Kate Bush yowling on the moors in a red

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