Flash Fiction. Interview Highlights Reel: Albatross Island Season 7 Winner Vicky Scott, by Melanie Mulrooney. Image: the lens of a recording camera, in the middle of which is the title of the story.

Interview Highlight Reel: Albatross Island Season 7 Winner Vicki Scott

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[Day 1] 

Marc Fisher (Producer): Welcome to Albatross Island 

Vicki Scott: Thanks! Gotta admit, I thought this competition was fake when you first slid into my DMs. [laughing]

VS: I’m Vicki, a 23-year-old fitness model and eco-tour guide. I love risk-taking and going on big adventures. And what’s bigger than a month on a private island, winning a survival reality show? I’ll take that 100k in cash. [laughing]

MF: Great attitude! Last thing before we see what you’re made of… Valuables go in this lockbox for safe-keeping. And your phone. 

VS: Sure. Can’t send spoilers home, right? 

MF: [laughing] Exactly.  

[Day 2] 

MF: How was your first day? 

VS: Great! The compound’s rustic, but gorgeous. Though we could do with better airbeds — mine was flat when I woke up this morning. [laughing] But hey, I’ve slept on worse.  

MF: Thoughts on the other competitors? 

VS: Meghan might be stiff competition — don’t tell her I said that though! [laughing] And Dimitri’s smokin’ hot. Woo! Yeah, cool group. This’ll be fun. 

[Day 7] 

MF: You’re upset. 

VS: Well…Yeah. I mean, the thing with Shireen was intense. Her leg looked pretty gruesome. 

MF: Tough terrain. 

VS: Sure. Right. But what about safety protocols? 

MF: Were you pleased with your reward? 

VS: Um, sure. Steak is a great incentive when you’re starving. Hard to eat with everyone watching, though. 

MF: But you did. 

VS: What? 

MF: You ate it. While they watched. 

VS: I… Yeah… But more food’s coming, right? Everyone will eat soon? 

[Day 12] 

MF: Congratulations on winning the free climb. You were—  

VS: Where’s Dimitri? He didn’t come back with his group.  

MF: His time’s up. 

VS: Meghan heard screams.  

MF: The penalty for discussing— 

VS: What? Fuck the penalties. What the hell happened to Dimitri? 

[Day 17] 

MF: Are you excited about the dive? 

VS: No. I… Theo and Shireen went out yesterday. She didn’t—He came back alone. I… Fuck. 

MF: Did Theo say what happened? 

VS: Nothing. He said nothing. Listen, I’m done. I want out. Let me—get out of my– 

[Day 22] 

MF: Talk to me about today’s challenge. 

VS: [crying] I didn’t want to hurt Theo. 

MF: Then why did you? 

VS: What? I—You said…  

MF: You could’ve let Theo cross the bridge.  

VS: But you said—You promised if I won the challenge… [sobbing] I don’t understand. Is anyone watching? Please— 

[Day 27] 

MF: Well done, Vicki. We thought Meghan might reach the knife first—she was very fast—but you pulled through. Last one standing! How’s it feel? 

VS: Is Meghan ok? [muffled] The blood… 

MF: Her time’s up.  

VS: It’s over? I can leave? [sobbing] Thank God—

MF: Soon. Our patrons paid a lot to bring you here, Vicki. So first: All-Stars!

VS: All-Stars? But you said… [unintelligible] …new show… How— 

MF: Minor fib. Private audience—you understand. You’re our fiercest competitor in seven seasons. Brutal, fabulous. Hush. Don’t worry. Shh… You’ll love the new challenges. 

Melanie Mulrooney

Melanie Mulrooney lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and a gaggle of kids. She’s a 2024 Writing Battle contest winner, and her work is published at Metastellar, Martian Magazine, Flash Point SF, and others.


When not writing stories or wrangling children, she can be found devouring books, volunteering in her community, or strolling through the woods. 

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