Britain vs The world

flash battle 2024

terms & Conditions

Here’s everything you need to know about entering our flash fiction competition, Britain vs. The World: Flash Battle 2024. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered below, please get in touch at

Entry Eligibility

  1. Entrants must be 16 years or older.
  2. By entering this competition, entrants declare that they have the copyright of the work they are entering. 
  3. To enter, entrants must have a valid (i.e. previously unused) entry ticket for either Team World or Team Britain. These tickets can be bought at the bottom on the competition page. This ticket must be presented at the time of submission – i.e. attached along with the competition entry in an email to
  4. Entrants can submit as many entries as they like, providing they have a valid entry ticket for each entry.
    1. EXCEPTION: If entrants follow EGG+FROG on either Facebook or Instagram and share the advert for this competition (Facebook ad / Instagram ad), they may claim ONE free entry.
      1. Free entries are limited to ONE per entrant.
      2. Free entries can be claimed in the same email as other entries, provided some proof of eligibility is provided. For example, a screenshot or link of the shared post and the provision of a social media username to allow us to identify the follow.
  5. Entries must be in English – at least in part. Entries in other languages (but with a small section in English) are acceptable but the writer acknowledges that judging the quality of these works is very likely to be outside of the abilities of the judges.
  6. Entries must not exceed 500 words.
  7. Entries may be written in any style or genre of the writers’ choosing, with no exceptions.
  8. Entries submitted to EGG+FROG after the deadline (April 30th 2024, 23:59) will not be accepted for entry and cannot be refunded.

Formatting requirements

  1. Please submit entries as .doc or .docx files. 
  2. Any legible font is acceptable.
  3. Font size 12 is preferred.
  4. There are no line spacing requirements.
  5. Please submit separate entries as separate files.
  6. Please remove any identifying information (name, etc) from your document(s) prior to entry. 


  1. All entries will be read and receive a first round of judging by the editorial team of EGG+FROG. This first round of judging will produce a shortlist of five entries from Team World and five entries from Team Britain. The editorial team will remove any information from the entries which might indentify the writer – including the Team the story was entered for and the name of the writer – for the shortlist judges.
  2. The shortlist will be ranked by the named judges: Sean Glatch and Rebecca Klassen. The judges will separately rank the shortlist into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th place. The placement of each story will result in points being awarded respectively – i.e. 1st: 75; 2nd: 60; 3rd: 50; 4th: 40; 5th: 35; 6th: 30; 7th: 25; 8th: 20; 9th: 15; 10th: 10. The combined total of the judges’ ranking will produce the final shortlist and determine the placement of each entry.
  3. Judging, both in the long- and short-list stage, is undertaken based on the perceived quality of the work alone. No preference will be given to any nationality, team membership, age, previous publication history or any other factor outside of the text itself.
  4. Judges’ decisions are final. We will however seek to explain our decisions in the form of feedback to each entry, and promise to judge this competition in good faith, respecting all writers who choose to enter and the work they have put into their entries. 


  1. The shortlist entry with the most combined points from the shortlist judges will be declared the winner of the competition. This same logic applies to 2nd–10th place entries. The prizes awarded for these rankings is as follows:
    1. 1st: £100
    2. 2nd: £50
    3. 3rd: £25
  2. The entire shortlist of the competition will also receive the following prizes:
    1. Publication at EGG+FROG, which consists of
      1. A dedicated post for their work, with space for author acknowledgements.
      2. Custom artwork produced for publicity and site links in the same style as other published writing on EGG+FROG.
      3. Links to this work on the homepage, archive and relevant other sections of EGG+FROG, including the newsletter, round-up features and collections of associated work.
      4. Social media publicity for the work and writer, in the form of an announcement post.
    2. Guaranteed ‘fast lane’ status for any future submissions to EGG+FROG during open submissions periods.
  3. The Team which accumulates the most points based on their individual shortlist placements will be declared the winning team, and the shortlisted entrants for the winning team will receive an additional prize:
    1. If Team Britain: ONE £10 gift voucher for each shortlisted team member
    2. If Team World: either the equivalent of a £10 voucher (based on currency exchange rates and bought on the regional Amazon page of the team member’s choosing); or £10 sent by bank transfer.
  4. Cash prizes will be delivered by bank transfer within 7 days of the end of the announcement period – i.e. within seven days after 22nd May 2024. Winning entrants will be contacted by EGG+FROG to receive relevant bank details to make the transfer. Voucher prizes will be delivered in the same time period. Publication prizes will take place during the announcement period (13th May 2024-22nd May 2024).

benefits of entering - feedback & copyright

  1. All entries are entitled to qualitative feedback. The feedback will take the form of brief comments (50-100 words) concerning theme, style, language choice and other relevant aesthetic considerations. The feedback will be undertaken by the editorial team at EGG+FROG (shortlisted entrants will receive feedback from the shortlist judges) and delivered via email to each entrant.
    1. All entrants will receive feedback within 40 days after the end of the announcement period – i.e. within 40 days after 22nd May 2024. 
  2. All entrants retain full copyright of their entries. However, by entering, you give EGG+FROG permission to publish your entry, if shortlisted, on in perpetuity. Allowing us to publish your work in this way does not allow us to sell your work, produce it in any other way without your further consent, nor does it provide us with any further copyright in respect to your entry. We undertake this competition in good faith, with respect to writers and the art of writing. 

Contact and announcements

  1. Shortlisted writers will be contacted with their individual results 24 hours before we announce them. The full results will be published on social media, EGG+FROG and in a special edition newsletter on 22nd May 2024.
  2. By entering this competition, you give EGG+FROG permission to add your email address (provided at the point of purchasing your entry ticket) to our mailing list. This enables us to contact you for the following reasons:
    1. Acknowledgment of receipt of entry
    2. Announcements of competition results
    3. Letting you know about future competition and submission opportunities at EGG+FROG
    4. Delivering a monthly newsletter related to EGG+FROG’s latest publications
  3. If you wish to remove your email address from our mailing list at any time and for any reason, please let us know at or click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of emails received though our mailing software, MailChimp. We’ll take you off our list straight away, no questions asked.


  1. Refund requests for the price of entry ticket will not be accepted unless under the following circumstances:
    1. EGG+FROG fails to announce the results of the competition and notify the entrants of the results
    2. Judging does not take place for any reason
    3. Entrants do not receive promised feedback on their entries